Desertification Page

"Desertification is land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors including climatic variations and human activities".

A more graphic and descriptive definition of the process is given by Le Houerou [1995]: "The nature of the phenomenon is essentially the exposure of the soil/land surface increasingly stripped of its perennial vegetation and thus submitted, without any protection, to the forces of water and wind erosion. In low rainfall areas, on shallow soils, the phenomenon may be irreversible. That is to say, a piece of land thus degraded cannot return to pristine condition, under total protection from disturbance, over a period of 25 years. This is what has been called 'Desertization', which differs from land degradation by its irreversible nature." Other definitions include:

"Desertification, revealed by drought, is caused by human activities in which the carrying capacities of land is exceeded; it proceeds by exacerbated natural or man induced mechanims, and is made manifest by intricate steps of vegetation and soil deterioration which result, in human terms, in an irreversible decrease or destruction of the biological potential of the land and its ability to support population."

-Charcoal Oven, This kind of oven can accomadate 200-300 of Acaccia Busei trees.

-Hog Dhuxuleed, Hogani wuxuu Qaadi karaa ilaa 200-300 oo geed oo Galoola ah.

-Young gully formed by tracks of vehicles and floods. This renders the pasture land to useless ravines.

-Bohol Yar oo ka Samaysantay Xagaafka Baabuurta oo daadku maro, keentana in dhul daaqsimeedkii iyo dooxooyinkii noqdaan boholo lama degaan ah.

-Progressed and already taken its toll gully. Over here we counted almost 127 big grown trees that are recently washed out, sure by next rainy seoson, this will be matured ravine.

-Bohol durugtay, waxaanu tirinay inka badan 127 oo sanadkan biyo ka qaadeen dooxadan, Hubaal guga dhow bohoshan yari waxay noqon mid khasaare weyn keenta.

-This full blown ravine sits on land that is 1 Km wide and 150 Km. long, It is known GEBI RAVINE.

-Bohoshan oo loo yaqaan Bohosha Gebi waxay ku fadhidaa dhul ka badan 1KM balac iyo 150 Dherer.